Fasting – ‘The fast way’ to lose body fat?

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Intermittent Fasting. I don’t know whether there’s been a resurgence of late, or my phone just believes that I need to read more articles on Intermittent Fasting (IF) because everywhere I look lately there’s some more news about IF and how good it is for you. Which is making me wonder…should I get back on the bandwagon? […]

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Getting Back on Track

crossfit woden + christmas

Our last blog post for the year so it’s got to be one helluva wrap up right? Well don’t worry, because by the end of today’s post you’ll be well and truly motivated to attack 2019 head on and enjoy another great year!   So let’s get to it shall we! Today’s blog is dedicated […]

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Surviving the Silly Season

crossfit woden + silly season

Silly Season is well and truly upon us!   Remember back to when you were a kid? Holidays were a magical, stress free and indulgent time of year. You didn’t think about calories or what you looked like. Enjoying a fun day of food, family and memories. THAT’S what we want Christmas to feel like […]

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