6 Tips to Overcome NOtivation


One of the biggest challenges people deal with when following a training program is staying motivated till the end… Maybe you’ve experienced this before? The first couple of weeks you’re excited about a new program, but then you hit a rut It’s not as “fun” as it was at first Going to the gym several […]

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Put your foot in it?

crossfit woden + shoes

Are you a Nike Metcon kinda person…or a Reebok kinda person… Maybe you’re neither…or maybe…*shock horror*… maybe you’re an Adidas person… Whatever the shoe you choose to don when it comes to the daily WOD, do you ever take a moment to stop and think… Why do we now encase our feet…which for years went […]

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Unloading the Deload

CrossFit woden + deload

AHA! You may have heard this term bandied around before but never actually understood what your coach was talking about…So what exactly is a ‘deload’? One definition of a deload is: a purposeful reduction in training volume & intensity for the purposes of recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance. However, over the years, what constitutes as […]

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Don’t Snooze? You Lose…

crossfitwoden + sleep

Sleep…a natural antidote to so many of our ailments… Sure, you might already know how great it is to get a good night’s sleep…but do you know how BAD it can be if you’re not? Studies have shown that getting less than 7 hours of good quality sleep a night can lead to an increased […]

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Getting Back on Track

crossfit woden + christmas

Our last blog post for the year so it’s got to be one helluva wrap up right? Well don’t worry, because by the end of today’s post you’ll be well and truly motivated to attack 2019 head on and enjoy another great year!   So let’s get to it shall we! Today’s blog is dedicated […]

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Surviving the Silly Season

crossfit woden + silly season

Silly Season is well and truly upon us!   Remember back to when you were a kid? Holidays were a magical, stress free and indulgent time of year. You didn’t think about calories or what you looked like. Enjoying a fun day of food, family and memories. THAT’S what we want Christmas to feel like […]

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