“Put your Hands Up for Deltoids”…they love mobility!

crossfit woden + overhead + mobility

First things first, if you didn’t read that title to the tune of Fedde Le Grand’s “Put your Hands Up”…go back and read it again… Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the road and you’ve acknowledged my pun, it’s time to refocus on part 2 of our overhead mobility series. Last week we […]

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Raise your hands for some “Overhead Mobility”! – Part 1

crossfit woden + flexbility + stretching

Still avoiding those ‘Overhead Squat’ WODs? Or perhaps you hold a particular grudge against handstands, pull ups or Jerks because you just can’t seem to get yourself in the right position? Then today’s post is for YOU. Generally, you can improve your overhead positioning by working on two different areas: mobility and strength/stability. Check out […]

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