The Benefits of Overindulgence – Lesson 2

//The Benefits of Overindulgence – Lesson 2

The Benefits of Overindulgence – Lesson 2

And so we continue from our discussion about the benefits of overindulgence. If you missed Lesson 1, just head HERE.

Lesson #2. Indulgence offers an opportunity to ask the bigger questions (and learn some stuff).

Our indulgences — even the ones we ultimately regret — can serve as amazing learning opportunities, if we let them.

Oftentimes, we feel ashamed when we feel we’ve overindulged. We just want to hide from our “mistake” and “start over”.

Instead, we should be encouraging ourselves to use overindulgence as the impetus for self-reflection.

This practice helps us get into the habit of observing and learning from what’s going on in our lives and bodies (rather than judging and self-shaming).

For example, we might ask ourselves:

  • What job is indulgence (or celebration, or reward) doing for us?
  • How important is that for our lives?
  • What kind of person are we when we’re indulging?
  • What is good about not doing anything differently?

You might be (rightfully) confused as to why we’d ask these kinds of questions.

“What could possibly be positive about this?”you want to know, possibly pointing to empty ice cream cartons and a recycling bin full of beer cans.

But here’s the truth: We do the things we do for a reason.

That indulgence, no matter how big or regrettable, is doing a job for us. It’s somehow solving a problem for us, even if not very well.

Recognising how our behaviors serve us — even “bad habits“ like four cocktails with a junk food chaser — can help us put resistance aside, stop hiding, and see things more clearly.

What need is the indulgence is fulfilling?

And what would be a more valuable/health-affirming way to fulfill that need?

Though it might seem counterintuitive, cutting our bad habits some slack and acknowledging what role they play for us, can actually lead to deeper, more lasting change.

Are you hooked on this new way of thinking yet? If so, don’t forget to check out the blog next week for Lesson 3 and 4! 


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