Become a Ninja at Double Unders

//Become a Ninja at Double Unders

Become a Ninja at Double Unders

How did you go with your Double Unders in 18.3?

Whether you have them or are still working towards them, check out this awesome video from CrossFit Invictus about how to become a Ninja at Double Unders:

Advanced Drills to Up Your Double-Unders
Video by Nuno Costa
(Originally Published December 18, 2016)

This video covers three “advanced” drills for improving double-unders whether you are still trying for your first or if you’re fine-tuning your toe-tapping. This set of drills uses techniques for establishing your jumping rhythm, practicing the rope rotation as well as setting yourself up for a steady jump.

Other things to consider when attempting to improve your Double Unders are:

  1. Make sure you have a rope that fits you; often times, newer CrossFit athletes don’t want to spend a ton of money on fitness equipment, and that’s understandable. What you should look for in a jump rope is that the handle comes up to your armpit when you put it under your foot and extend it completely. This will ensure that you have plenty of room when the rope passes through overhead. Having a short rope can be frustrating and having a long rope will often hit the back of your legs, which will feel like getting whipped and hey – that’s no fun!

Once you have a rope that works for you there are a couple of technique pointers that are going to help:

2. Make sure the movement comes from the wrists. A lot of times I see people trying to move the rope with the shoulders and not only is that inefficient, but it’s going to fatigue you a lot sooner.

3. When you are jumping, think about keeping your heels in alignment with your hips. Think about jumping on a pogo stick; it’s a similar jump for double unders. What we want to avoid is kicking our feet out in front, which is often referenced as a ‘dolphin kick’.

4. STAY CALM. No matter how many attempts or misses you might have. As soon as you start to tense up, you will automatically use more of you bicep, fatigue your shoulders quicker and worsen your posture. Which is only going to lead to more failed attempts. If you stay calm and just think about using your wrists, I guarantee the movement will be a lot easier and smoother.

Start by implementing these cues and practice everyday you come into the gym. Make these a part of your warm up and/or cool down and you will see that if you commit to doing so you will become better in no time!


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