4 New Salads to Try

//4 New Salads to Try

4 New Salads to Try

So I’ve fallen back in love with Donna Hay.

I don’t know why but for about 10 years I had this personal vendetta against Donna Hay recipes. I just recall my mother once saying to me that nothing she ever made from Donna Hay ever turned out like the photos.

Well duh.

But now that I’ve gotten over the photogenic aspect of food and the amount of time that it takes to stage food…I can fully appreciate the taste and deliciousness behind her meals. Also, some of them are just so darn easy I’m kicking myself I haven’t tried them before. Thanks to a wonderful birthday present, I now get 1 copy of Donna Hay’s magazine every month, and another of her “Fresh and Light” every quarter. In the past month I have made at least 1, if not 2 of her recipes EVERY.WEEK. And I have never been disappointed.

So in the name of Donna Hay and the defending salad, I thought I would not-so-subtly suggest that you head over to her website and check these babies out…as well as any other recipes that might take your fancy!

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